[Beta] Solid Explorer 2 v2.7.17 Solid 文件管理 开心版


– Material 风格!
– 双面板可同时进行双重文件管理
– 丰富的界面选项:图标,配色方案及主题
– 支持面板之间的拖放操作
– 支持 FTP,SFTP, WebDav 以及 SMB / CIFS
– 支持读取并解压ZIP,7ZIP,RAR和TAR文件,支持加密压缩文件
– 能够创建受密码保护的ZIP和7ZIP文件
– 云服务管理器,支持: Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Copy, Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex, Mega
– 在取得Root权限的设备上拥有更加完整的功能
– 可扩展性: 支持从 Play 商店下载独立插件以获取更多功能
– 索引搜索能让你在几秒钟之内找到你的文件
– 详细的存储空间使用情况统计和文件信息
– 实用功能: 隐藏不需要的文件夹,FTP服务器(插件),书签,支持 Chromecast,媒体浏览器

Google Drive 不能用的问题已经修复。





https://www.lanzous.com/b00n8x8oh 密码:1pfd


分享链接中已包含 Solid 文件管理器的 OTG 插件。




应用名称:Solid Explorer File Manager

应用大小:13.7 MB


适用系统:Android 4.0 及以上




测试机型:MOTO X Style


2020-01-09 2.7.13
– fixed SFTP crash when displaying thumbnails

2020-01-09 2.7.12
– fixed text editor crash
– fixed opening files in other apps
– other android 10 bug fixes & improvements

2020-01-02 2.7.11
– fixed archive extraction bug
– fixed renaming files in FTP Server
– ability to show video thumbnails in encrypted folders
– improved GIF support

2019-12-18 2.7.10
– RAR5 extraction support
– improved handling of multi volume archives
– improved thumbnail cache management

2019-11-27 2.7.9
– added quick settings tile for FTP Server
– the “Apps” collection displays apk files, that are not installed

– improved license handling when offline
– support for OpenSSH ed25519 keys
– fixed inability to install apps from the APK Viewer
– fixed renaming bug when creating .nomedia files
– fixed adaptive icon
– updated translations

2019-09-26 2.7.7
– fixed crashes during casting
– fixed archive operation not being stopped after hitting cancel
– other crash fixes

– ability to show audio & video thumbnails and metadata on LAN/SMB
– improved copy speed on LAN/SMB
– fixed audio player playback from remote sources

– fixed network config issue causing the app not to accept trusted certificates
– fixed file renaming bug on external storage
– improved storage permission handling
– added SHA256 checksum calculation

– Android Q scoped storage support
– FTP server integrated with the main app
– improved performance of external storage operations
– automatic white/dark theme switch based on system setting
– added “Open directory” option
– cache license status for longer time to allow offline use
– fixes in EXIF data parsing

2019-02-09 v2.6.1-180126.L.4 Beta
– new One Drive client, please remove all previous connections and login again
– minor bug fixes

2018-10-30 v2.6.0-181029.J.1 Beta
– proper “Recent files” implementation showing recently modified files from any location grouped into time intervals
– removed old “Recent files” section
– added “Documents” collection
– fixed issues with rounded thumbnails

2018-10-09 2.5.7 181001.I.2

- crash and bug fixes
- updated translations

2018-10-02 2.5.7


2018-09-14 2.5.6

Enjoy this visual refresh with the following changes:
- new White and Onyx Material Design themes with auto switch
- adaptive launcher icon
- unified icon style
- image thumbnails match the icon set shape
- white theme available on Lollipop

2018-09-11 2.5.6


2018-09-09 2.5.5


2018-05-25 2.5.2 180525.D.1

- fixed navigation issues on Android TV
- crash fixes
- minor bug fixes

2017-12-24 2.3.2 171223.U.2

- fixed status bar coloring issues and empty space on Android 4.4
- updated translations

2017-12-24 2.3.2 171223.U.1

🎄🎁☃️⭐️👑Sale! Unlock full version for half the price!👑⭐️☃️🎁🎄
- fixed Image Viewer issue when it was unable to swipe left/right
- fixed appearance on 18:9 screens (Pixel 2 XL, Essential Phone)
- minor bug fixes
- updated translations

2017-12-05 2.3.1 171210.T.1

- fixed asking for password instead of fingerprint to access encrypted folders. All previous fingerprints must be reassigned, but they won't be affected by this bug anymore.
- fixed root access on Oreo
- fixed shortcut picker causing the launcher to crash
- fixed random crashes when accessing Bookmarks and desktop shortcuts
- ability to turn off thumbnails
- updated translations

2017-11-24 2.3.0 171123.S.1

Android Oreo Compatiibility:
- fixed SD Card access
- fixed inability to extract single files from archives
- home screen shortcuts work properly for folders, files, bookmarks and storages
- external storage files are now moved without copying (Android 7 and newer)
- app shortcuts now also include the most frequently used folder bookmarks
- updated translations

2017-06-17 2.2.8 170613.R.2

- fixed Cast crash issue on some devices
- updated Dropbox Client to newest API

2017-03-12 2.2.7 170311.P.1

- NEW! App Shortcuts on Android 7.1. Displays the most recently used cloud locations.
- ability to list system folders on non-rooted Nougat devices
- file selection size displayed in the toolbar
- minor bug fixes
- updated translations

2017-02-09 2.2.6 170203.O.2

- SMB/LAN connection bug fix from previous update

2017-02-04 v2.2.6 170203.O.1

- improved FTP client compatibility
- Text Editor handles Windows line breaks properly
- fixed "Incorrect password" issue when using fingerprint
- fixed file removal when choosing "Overwrite" option during file move operations
- updated translations
- minor bug fixes

2017-01-07 v2.2.5 170107.N.1

- fixed WebDav bugs
- fixed opening of Bzip2 archives
- PNG files resolution shown properly
- fixed thumbnail loading issues
- enlarged fast scroll thumb margin
- fixed crash issues on Zuk 2
- hidden files don't show anymore in folder properties
- updated translations
- minor bug fixes

2016-12-14 v2.2.4 161210.M.2:

- fixed previous update issues (animated thumbnails and "access denied" error)
- fixed broken photo viewing in encrypted folders





— 我使用的是自己的签名,会和其他人(包括官方)的应用签名冲突,无法覆盖安装(已经破解了签名验证的 Android 系统不受此限制)。
— 若您现在用的是其他人的修改版或官方版,务必要把缓存清除干净并彻底卸载后再安装我发的版本。


— 假如您在使用过程中遇到问题的话,可以在下面发表评论把问题详细描述出来,我看到后会尽可能回复的。如果是我修改导致的问题,我会尽力修复,但若是原版就存在的问题,那就只能向作者反馈了 →_→。


— 全站提供的应用,均为绿色应用,绝不添加任何广告以及后门,请大家放心下载并使用。


为的是避免与预期下载的文件不一致。每个文件都有其专属的 MD5 码,且重复率几乎忽略不计。

— 其一因为某些地区的不良运营商会劫持下载页面,下载推广应用(可能你下载的是本应用,但是下载下来却是 xx 卫士)。
— 其二因为网络原因,可能导致文件下载不全,从而无法安装。

使用支持读取 MD5 码的文件管理应用即可(例如 R.E.管理器)。一般高级的文件管理软件都带此功能。


Alpha 版是测试版(不稳定)意思。Beta 版是测试版(不稳定)的意思。RC 版是正式候选版(稳定)的意思。Stable 版是正式版(稳定)的意思。Final 版是最终版(稳定)的意思。

build × 中的“×”为编译的版本号,表示当前版本第几次编译,是开发者更新应用时版本号的命名方式,无法从中区别到底是稳定版还是不稳定版。

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